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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quilled casket egg

Again I'm in Easter topic...

 I know that Easter was long time ago, but I was curious if I could make egg that can be opened :). Egg half's are attached to a little hinge which allows to open the egg. Elements are made of paper strips 1,5mm except middle part of the hinge and paper strips are 3mm. I was using shades of green and yellow so the egg looks so spring :). Hinge was made from paper quills and toothpick, middle quills are loose and glued only to the top half of the egg. Quills at the ends are glued to the toothpick and bottom half of the egg. I've attached a little moon shaped element to the middle quills to make egg open only in half...

 I like warm and pleasant for the eye colors... and I'm looking forward to real green spring :). At the moment we  still have some snow left;p.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monochromatic Easter egg :)

And more eggs for Easter :).

Today I present my second quilled egg made witch this technique In this case I want to show the making process in photos :). When the light would be more appropriate I will make better pictures...:/.

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