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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sweet Mock-orange 3D flowers (quilling)

Because I don't have a good hand for flowers I have decided to make few that I don't have to water:). Unfortunately my flowers had never survived to long with my sensitive care so I did't kept them very often, recently I  had to say goodbye to my thyme. My apartment is very dark now because I have reparations of the building this is very weak excuse... but...;p.
When I was a child underneath my balcony was growing Sweet Mock-orange, whole room was filled with its sweet aroma, every morning birds was twittering among its stems...Birds was so laud, even when windows were closed... It was wonderful times...

Flowers are made from white strips 0,15cm width and 105cm long, middle of flowers it made from yellow strips 0,15cm and 2,5cm. Leaves are made from two colors of green 0,15cm width. Frame was a gift so I don't know that it is old or made to look old... for the background I have used matte black paper.

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