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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tutorial - Christmas decorations quilling


As I promised I made a tutorial how to make lovely Christmas decorations :). At first we need:

1. six strips 60cm long and 0,3cm width

2. twelve strips 45cm long and 0,3cm width 
3. three strips 30cm long for middle coils :)

of course glue, comb and glitter glue (but not necessary) 

  We are making leaf using quilling comb (or normal comb :P) 

To make the small part of the star leave 6cm of the strip to wrap at the end. Wrap paper around third tine from loose part of paper strip . Pull the strip to the other side of comb and also wrap third tine (don't forget to glue strips always after you make these two loops around the opposite comb tines (loot 3 photo) And we are wrapping six tines of the comb (each side)

Thats how it should look at the end :)
First photo shows smal part (6 loops), second photo shows big part of the star ( 8 loops)

and thats how it look when you took strips from the comb

you have to bend this to make leaf (upside down) :P It was hard to keep it in whole making photo but normally it shouldn't fell apart like that...

and the final effect :D
Have fun!!!
 I hove I had explained this quite clearly...

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