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Monday, 29 July 2013

3D Lilac flowers (quilling)

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm presenting my new creation, lilac flowers:). I love these violet, sweet scented little flowers... I never cant stand the fact that I can enjoy them so briefly... So now (unfortunately without scent experiences) I have my own lilac flowers... Yay!! :)

I made them using violet shaded strips 0,15cm width and 30cm length  (two shades), wire, green and violet tissue paper and acrylic enamel :). 

I'm posting little pictures that I made during making my flowers and I hope that these will be useful for those interested in making lilac flowers for themselves :). I have still problem with making suitable leaves... Maybe you have any ideals or tips? I will be very grateful for any  help :).

have a nice day and happy crafting!! 

Friday, 19 July 2013

3D cliwia flowers (quilling)

Hello everyone!! 

After big brake I'm coming back!! :) Did you miss me? 

I made orange Cliwia flowers:) I used:

1. orange paper 0,15cm width and 1,8m long (it was quite hard to manage :P)
2. red paper 0,15 cm width and 20cm long attached to orange strip... I just glued together all the 0,3mm strips and cut them half :)
3. thin wire 0,7mm pieces in different length 
4. strips od smooth green tissue paper to cover wires...
5. strips of green paper 0,3cm width and 45cm long
6. strip of yellow paper 0,7cm width and about 1cm long cut into stamens shaped strip.
7. also acrylic enamel :) but at first check that yours paper and tissue paper won't change the color.

I shaped petals rolling into a coil and dissolve them for 12mm and shape them into diamond, every petal cover in glue from the one side and wait until glue will be little bit solidified (but not to much) and bend them to make petal form (soon I will give photos). Stalk is made with green rolled coil pushed to make cone, bend cone to give it shape similar to ark :). I dragged wire (at the end I made a coil to prevent falling out the wire) and glued it inside the cone. I hope that is rather clear but coon I will put in here tutorial with photos.

thanks and have a nice day!! :)

Here is little something to illustrate how I made stalks:). Pour a significant amount of glue into the cone and wait until it dries before gluing it with the flower part.  

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