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Monday, 29 July 2013

3D Lilac flowers (quilling)

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm presenting my new creation, lilac flowers:). I love these violet, sweet scented little flowers... I never cant stand the fact that I can enjoy them so briefly... So now (unfortunately without scent experiences) I have my own lilac flowers... Yay!! :)

I made them using violet shaded strips 0,15cm width and 30cm length  (two shades), wire, green and violet tissue paper and acrylic enamel :). 

I'm posting little pictures that I made during making my flowers and I hope that these will be useful for those interested in making lilac flowers for themselves :). I have still problem with making suitable leaves... Maybe you have any ideals or tips? I will be very grateful for any  help :).

have a nice day and happy crafting!! 

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