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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Little bit spring during winter!! (quilling)

Hi everyone!!

I live in cold and snowy Finland, so I miss for the spring and summer... so I had decided to invite spring little bit sooner than usually comes :D. I made Great tit using quilling method because I love new challenges and 3D quilling. I need to make little amendments but this is almost final work :). I think I will change a little eyes... maybe using black nail polish... What do you think? Is it good? :)

Hi :) 

I made few more photos with my Great tit and her new eyes :). I painter her eyes using black nail polish... it look much better :). I gave her for my mothers birthday and she was very delighted with her present :). Now Im trying to make more birds with this method I have a request to make Tawny owl :). Maybe you have some request that I could realize? :)

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