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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

3D quilled Tawny owl

Hi :)

Another owl in my collection :) this time I tried to make Tawny owl :) it wasn't easy but I hope that it at least a little bit reminds an owl :P. As usual I used egg shell to make body and a looooots of quilled strips for feathers :). 

3D quilleg butterfly (Ornithoptera priamus & Papilio troilus)

Hello everyone!! 

It was very busy month :D I made two new butterflies and I'm thinking abut making more 3D models in quilling matching to specific species these incredible insects :). It was quite a challenge because wings of these butterflies are just 1,5mm thick :). Let see how it worked :D. First is  Papilio troilus and yiellow one is Ornithoptera priamus :)


in progress:


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