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Monday, 17 March 2014

Quilled angels and stars

Hi :)

I have few quilled angels for you :). Sorry that I'm posting so late but I was so angry with this project :(. I made all this for my sister and send her package but it was STOLEN!!! Don't know who would want steal paper crafts but I'm thinking the worse'st things about this person :( so much work, time and my afford. :(

I'm still sad :(.


Quilled Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

Hi everyone!!!

sorry fot such big brake, but I will make up to you :). Im back with Common Kestrel, not just one but two :). Made this pare for my friend and because my tenth wedding anniversary :). Kestrel is very beautiful and graceful bird from Falcon family. Female is more brown and darker from male which is gray-brow shaded. She is symbol of power and vitality, she is very common in Europe and little bit ind the area of Mediterranean Sea. If you are living in Europe, especially in town look up, you have very big chance to see them flying because this species is quite well accommodated to the environment of the city.  

Sorry for the lecture:P but I love these birds, and owls :). 

Models are made from paper strips, egg shells and few wires for the branches :). How do you like the effect? Not bad? 

Best wishes and happy crafting!!

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