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Thursday, 29 January 2015

3D quilling flowers :)


Here is little something for those who are  fed up with winter:).  Little variation with Campanula flowers, at least i tried to make them little bit similar to this species. This was my first project where I used hot glue... Mess everywhere :P. Thin threads were everywhere :P , but it was an interesting experience :). I felt like Penny from "The Big Bang Theory" :D.

Two years ago I made Lilac flowers and It was my first experience with wires, but it went ok :P. I found then paper with beautiful violet color I made few Christmas ornament but I wanted more :D. My very best friend love violet color, I will be visiting her soon so she should have big surprise :D. 

Something about making process, I made flowers similarly to Clivia flowers, beam is made with thin wires and covered with green crepe paper. To make steams I used white metallic paper 1cm wide and gold pearl marker. Here is picture how beam looks like before covering with crepe paper :). 

 Sorry that pictures are not that great, I have little problems with my camera and In Finland during winter its so hard to get good light :/. I made these photos using my phone.

Happy crafting everyone, and lets hope that spring will be here soon!!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Papilio machaon quilling 3D :D.


Sorry fot not writing :( I took to many projects and I have problems with finishing them :/. Here is a little sample with mine work :D.

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