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Thursday, 9 April 2015

We have beautiful winter this spring!! :)

Hello everyone!!

I have something new for you :). I made new butterfly, monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus).  North American butterfly,  it’s one of the most known butterfly that migrates. Probably most of you can recognize this particular species because of its specific and contrasting colors. I will make Hawaiian morph that is white and black and called White Monarch :).

Bad weather was quite good for making new projects but I'm happy that now I can see possibility for some sun in the future. I love Finland but after disappointing winter I would like some sun at least :). In Helsinki there was almost no snow like last year but then I was preparing for motorcycle trip at least...

This winter was so sad... bad weather, cold, no motorcycle to ride or even just to repair... But no more complaining here you have mine vision of monarch butterfly!! :)

Method like with Papilio Machaon and others

 Also I miss thing that I ate last year in Israel... Kanafeh  it’s almost like sunshine captured and cooked with cheese and sugar!! :D I love the desert and sunshine and warmth!! Maybe mine next work will combine this things, will see :). 

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